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At any given time, we offer guests the choice of around 300 different wines (plus or minus a few). We refresh our wine selection several wines a week as we replace or add new wines. Il Forno Classico’s extensive wine collection is unmatched in our region, whether at restaurants or your favorite wine store.

The wines listed below are always up to date.

When we are fully open, we offer tastings and many wines by the glass. Additionally, for take home we sell 750ml bottles at $14.00 less than the listed price and provide an additional 10% discount for purchases of 6 bottles or more.

Hint: While this page does not have a search function, place your cursor in the wine table and perform a standard computer search (ctrl-f on Windows and cmd-f on a Mac). For example, if you wish to find all wines we carry from “Groth”, simply perform a search on “Groth” and one-by-one you can see all the “Groth” wines (you have to use the arrow in the search box to move down the list). You can also highlight the items on the list and copy and paste the items into a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

Enjoy your wine hunting. We know you will find dozens of wines that will suit your fancy. Should you wish any recommendations, feel free to call us at (916) 858-0651 and speak with one of our staff.

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Il Forno Classico Wine Spectator Awarded Wine List
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