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Palio di Siena

598px-600px_Bianco_listato_di_Nero_Turchino_e_Rosso600px_Bianco_e_Arancio_listati_di_Turchino600px_Bianco_e_Celeste_a_Quadri 600px_Bianco_e_Nero_listati_di_Arancione600px_Bianco_listato_di_Rosso600px_Blu_e_Rosso_incrociati_listati_di_Bianco600px_Blu_listato_di_Rosso_e_Bianco600px_Giallo_e_Azzurro_Linee_Diagonali600px_Giallo_e_Rosso_a_quadri_con_liste_turchine

As we have been nearing the launch of our brand new website, the excitement is building. Rich and Jennifer were trying to get me to write a blog about the restaurant and our adventures. I was very reluctant, but after I had told them the story of the flags which you see on the top and bottom of this article, they insisted I tell the story. The Contrade flags that adorn the restaurant are the originals from the Palio de Siena.

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