About Scott Litteral

I would like to welcome you to our website and hopefully to our restaurant. Il Forno Classico is a locally owned family business. Even though I am the front man, the whole family is involved. Mom is the backbone and handles all aspects of the business outside the restaurant,; two uncles are involved; my brother watches my back. My cousin runs our other restaurant, Pizzeria Classico, in Historic Folsom. And, of course my dad tells us what we are doing wrong.

I have been in the restaurant business my entire life and don’t see any changes ahead. The family has owned and operated many restaurants which have all led to where we are today. It is our passion and commitment that drive us to constantly improve.

I have lived in the Sacramento region since 1985 and have attended American River College, Sierra Collage and Sacramento State College. A few years ago I was chosen by Lincoln Food Service to be part of the Pizza Champ program and demonstrate ovens across the country.

Thank you for perusing our website and we look forward to the pleasure to serve you soon.


P.S. Say hello to my daughter, Madisen, at the host stand.